Groceries isn't loading the items on Android Device


I am new to NativeScript with JavaScript and i need help.
I can run Groceries on AVD and it loads all of the items, but when I run on my android device doesn´t connect to the API. Even when i try to login it doesn´t allow me to.
Could any one help me?


Did you make sure your APIs are reachable form your android device, may be by hitting it on browser? What is the error message you get when it fails?


This is a .js file:

exports.signIn = function() {
.catch(function(error) {
message: “Unfortunately we could not find your account.”,
okButtonText: “OK”
return Promise.reject();
.then(function() {


What does the console log statement says?


It says: “Error: Unauthorized”;
This the config.js code:

module.exports = {
apiUrl: “”,
appKey: “kid_HyHoT_REf”,
appUserHeader: “Basic a2lkX0h5SG9UX1JFZjo1MTkxMDJlZWFhMzQ0MzMyODFjN2MyODM3MGQ5OTIzMQ”