Groceries example of NativeScript tutorial - Failed to Sign up


I’m starting to learning NativeScript with the guide, and In chapter 3, I followed the guide to create the Sign Up function, but it broke errors when I click the Sign Up button. The debug information is as follows:


@wanghuan6913 you solve this problem? If yes, could you give me some light on it?



@JFAlvarado @wanghuan6913 it looks like either A) - the servers are down, or B) (most likely) - the device/emulator that is used to run the application on does not have access to the internet.


Thanks @Pete.K :+1: ,
but it only fails in debug mode, any idea?



this is why it would fail in debug mode. Use tns run android to avoid it. or use the version of tns-android mentioned by @Pete.K in that post