Google's Fuchsia OS affect NativeScript?


Will we be able to count on NS on the next platform?


Do you mean Flutter? I explored Flutter couple of weeks back and my opinion at this state is, it is definitely not going to affect NativeScript.

  1. The first and best reason always is, NativeScript allows to write native code using JavaScript. The developer never have to worry about his Objective C / Swift or Java knowledge. Looks like Flutter at this time is more likely to be ReactNative expects you to switch between native code and it’s programming language Dart.
  2. I believe Dart could be the second reason as JavaScript is the key for most front-end / UI developers to start with mobile apps in platforms like NativeScript.
  3. Frameworks - NativeScript allows integration with frameworks like Angular / Vue which helps developers to reuse their knowledge and share code between web and mobile. There seems a Dart version for Angular, which makes me think Google might allow all these integrations in future, but I hardly believe Dart will become as popular as JavaScript or TypeScript today.

All these are my personal observations, everyone are welcome if you have valid points which I may not know.


No, the new Fuchsia OS, it’s supposed to replace android I guess


Then the question is totally irrelevant, NativeScript (a framework to build cross platform native apps) and Fuchsia (an OS) couldn’t be compared.

Even if Fuchsia wants to replace Android, it’s not going happen in one day. It’s going to take years before it reaches all Android users and completely replace.

Not only NativeScript which ever tool you choose today, they don’t support Fuchsia except Flutter, but remember it’s still beta. If at all the days comes when Fuchsia takes Android’s market or at least started actively used outside Google, NativeScript would really consider launching the runtime support for Fuchsia too.

It’s too early to worry about Fuchsia now.