Google Play services is required for this feature, but not available on this device



Good morning, I need help.
I’m running an application on the device and I’m using the firebase plugin, when authenticating a user sends me the following error:
Google Play services are required for this feature, but are not available on this device

I have placed the line in my app.gradle:

project.ext {
  googlePlayServicesVersion = "11.8.0"

What Eddy asks us to place if there is an error.
How can i fix this?

In another cell phone I’m doing everything right, in only one is this problem with Android version 5.0.0

greeting and thanks.


This Android 5.0.0 you are talking about, is it on an emulator?

If yes. You need to create the emulator which has google play services installed.


Hello. @multishiv19 i m executing in a android dispositive, not in a emulator.


Ensure if google play services are installed on your device.
Also please send complete error message


@multishiv19 Hello,



Not sure what is wrong then.
@Eddy do you know what could be wrong here?


the execution of the application does everything to me well, only when I install the application in a device with version 5, when I consult the information of firebase or when authenticating me it sends me the error that I do not have google services


According to Google the device either doesn’t have Google Play Services installed, or it’s outdated (in relation to the app requesting its features).

I’ve implemented a new check in the plugin that checks if the user would be able to resolve the problem, and - if so - attempts to open a dialog hinting the user how to do so.

Hope that helps. Details at