Google map not showing with nativescript-google-maps-sdk



I’m having an issue with the nativescript-google-maps-sdk plugin, the map does not load however I see the google logo on the left corner. Everything is setup as per instructions, including checking that I have a valid Google Maps API key and is unrestricted.

Is there an issue with showing the map on the simulator? Using the iOS simulator, nativescript 4.1. Any help much appreciated!


Try to console map lat long and center on onMapReady().
I have also faced this problem earlier and realised marker and center position was wrong.


I see the marker I added right in the middle of the screen but no map is showing. I can actually move the camera around and marker moves along (also Lat and Long look ok in the console)…


Where are you adding your api key? is it in modules.ts like this
if (platform.isIOS) {


I have it in app.js

if(application.ios) {

Could it be that it not initialising properly? is there a way to check that onMapReady?


OK turns out I hadn’t enabled the Google Maps SDK for iOS in Google console… Thanks so much @nmongiya for pointing me in the right direction about the key. Wish the plugin would show something in the logs.