Google map not centred or zoomed at latitude and longitude specified


I followed the steps in the {N} Google Maps SDK Plugin to show a map on an Android device.
I faced few issues but luckily I found solutions on the following links

The issue that I have now is that the map is displayed but it is not centred or zoomed at the coordinates specified.
I am not able to find a proper working fix for this issue.

Below is my map-xml code

<GridLayout xmlns:maps="nativescript-google-maps-sdk" class="page-content" loaded="onLoaded">
    <maps:mapView latitude="25.379843" longitude="51.531874" 
    padding="50,50,50,50" zoom="1000" mapReady="onMapReady" cameraChanged="onCameraChanged"/>

Here is the corresponding JS code

const BrowseViewModel = require("./browse-view-model");
var mapsModule = require("nativescript-google-maps-sdk");

function onLoaded(args) {
    const component = args.object;
    component.bindingContext = new BrowseViewModel();

function onMapReady(args) {
    var mapView = args.object;
    console.log("Setting a marker...");
    var marker = new mapsModule.Marker();
    marker.position = mapsModule.Position.positionFromLatLng(25.379843, 51.531874);
    marker.title = "Ritz-Carlton";
    marker.snippet = "Doha";
    marker.userData = { index : 1};
    // Disabling zoom gestures
   // mapView.settings.zoomGesturesEnabled = false;
  var lastCamera = null;
  function onCameraChanged(args) {
    var mapView = args.object;
    console.log("Camera changed: "+JSON.stringify(, JSON.stringify( === lastCamera);
    lastCamera = JSON.stringify(;
    var bounds = mapView.projection.visibleRegion.bounds;
    console.log("Current bounds: " + JSON.stringify({
          southwest: [bounds.southwest.latitude, bounds.southwest.longitude],
          northeast: [bounds.northeast.latitude, bounds.northeast.longitude]
exports.onMapReady = onMapReady;
exports.onLoaded = onLoaded;
exports.onCameraChanged = onCameraChanged;

Could you please help me identify the mistake or the missing part

Thanks a lot


Are you asking about adjusting the zoom level and center map in a way where all markers should be visible?


I have only one marker and the marker is visible and placed at the correct location.
My problem is that the map is not zoomed in appropriately.
To be very clear , the location that I have set in the map is in Doha.
But the map shows all of the African continent the middle east and part of Asian continent on the screen.
I want only Doha zoomed in and displayed on the screen.
I am not sure if I was able to explain properly as I don’t know the exact technical term used for this , is it zooming in or center the position at the specified location


What is visible is this------------------------------------------What I am trying to get is this


Just apply the same lat and long to map view. But if you have multiple markers and want to center and zoom properly, follow up here