Google Map/Mapbox in NativeScript



Hi All,
Need your help guys for my thesis.
I’m developing an app like UBER using the google map for the geo-mapping.

What I need is:

  1. Animate the map marker or move to its destination.
    Sample Image

  2. Custom map marker icon.
    Sample Image

  3. Direction-service.
    Sample Image

Please need your help,

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  1. Not sure what you mean, the image link is broken for me.
  2. Use the icon property in marker to set path to custom image.
  3. Use addPolyline method to draw routes between 2 points. In order to get the points between these 2 locations you may use the Google’s or Mapbox’s direction apis.


Thank you very much for your reply @manojdcoder

In number 1 here’s the sample link of marker move animation:

How can I apply that in Nativescript Mapbox ?
Thank you,


Google maps allows that feature but I don’t think Mapbox does at least in Android. So you may hack that look and feel but getting the x and y axis of the point user clicked, use an image view to animate then at the end of animation add the original marker to map.


I need help !
How can I use .mbtiles file in local, because My appplication will turn offline