Google Map integration


I have worked on Android Google Map Integration to my application. Can anyone kindly let me know the procedure to integrate the Google Map Api to Native Script applicaiton

Nagendra Bhat


i’m wondering, beautiful frame work like nativeScript doesn’t have tutorial in its document.

what explained in this link not enough

we need more detailed one


I have a similar question/problem. I’m porting a web-based mobile app to NativeScript, and that app makes very heavy use of Google maps. In particular, I need KML support, and the ability to add custom markers and animate markers, either though css or javascript.

I’ve started playing with nativescript-google-maps-sdk package that you cite and got the demo code working. In short, the google maps support is partial, even when you add other packages such as nativescript-google-maps-utils (which right now is Android only).

I just today found this post: which suggests some possible ways to implement additional function. I’ll be exploring that.

Hopefully over time the packages will be enhanced to fully support the google maps api in the same manner that can be done with web apps today.

Good luck!