Global Sidedrawer component


Is it possible with nativescript-telerik-ui to have a single global sidemenu that can be trigged from any page, or does each page have to contain it’s own markup?


Note: My answer is dependent on you using Angular.

You should be able to have a global side drawer component. You will need to specify the component on the same level as your router-outlet or page-router-outlet. You would then use either a shared service among your components to handle access to the side drawer from the children, or manage the “state” of your side drawer in @ngrx/store or equivalent. If all you are doing is toggling the side drawer globally, the service/state option may not be needed.

<!-- Top Level Router Outlet -->

Obviously replacing the telerik-side-drawer-component with the correct component selector.


Excellent, thanks for the reply! This is another one of those things that is relatively obvious once you see the answer… and also missing from the Telerik-UI docs!