Gif image does not resize on Android


I’m using the nativescript-gif plugin on Nativescript with Angular, but the gif does not resize/take full height on Android. It works pretty well on IOS but not on Android. I tried stretch property, height property but no luck. I also tried the video plugin nativescript-videoplayer but now it does not resize on IOS and works fine on Android using the fill property. What I’m trying to do is to show the user when they open the application a welcome screen with a gif or mp4.

<ActionBar icon="" class="action-bar">
<GridLayout rows="*">
    <StackLayout style="margin-top: 72%;">
        text="CREATE ACCOUNT" 
        class="btn btn-primary btn-rounded-lg create-account-btn" [nsRouterLink]="['/signup']">
        text="Already a user?" 
        textWrap="true" class="lbl-user">
        text="LOG IN" 
        class="btn btn-primary btn-rounded-lg log-in" [nsRouterLink]="['/login']">