Get value from listview and set inside the textview?


Hi all. I need an help for my internship project. I’m using javascript for this project. so I have to question. One of them as i said in the title shortly; i need to do this: when i click the “choose symbol” textview i can go the other activity which has listview inside of it. after i pass that screen i want when i click one of the symbol on the second screen, symbol name should be set inside the textview. my other question about search bar. in first screen i have search icon on action bar. how can i set the search bar inside of that icon?

I’m kinda new in programming so i hope i was clear enought to tell my problem. need help. thx all


Without looking at the code itself it’s going to be tough for people to help you here. Do you have a link to a GitHub repo by any chance?

Otherwise if you want to retain the context of a tapped item, one route is to look at this doc:

…and I just realized this is from more than a year ago :smile: