Generate reports in nativescript app



Is there any way we can generate reports in our Nativescript app ?
Reports is one of the essential module of application which is fully based on CRUD Operations.
ex -
Customize pdf reports ?
It would be great if anyone knows any plugin or api which generates reports.


There is an existing thread on PDF generation that you may want to look at: Creating a PDF?

No immediate answers though :frowning:


I want reports( which can contain labels+image+barcode+header+footer) and can be exported as pdf.
Don’t want to generate plain text pdf.
Thanks though :slight_smile:


you can do it using JS PDF in a webview.
and keep the webview hidden while you do it.
Not sure if it will work when you trigger the download using webview.


I think this might not solve my problem as I am expecting lots more. Anyways Thanks