Freeze interface when interacting with the user


The application is started. After locking / unlocking the screen (or minimize to the background and back), the application slows down and does not respond to user actions, up to a minute.


In general it could be some long / heavy code you are running upon loaded / resume events. It’s hard to decide without code where the issue can be reproduced.


yes I understand this. but can there be any recommendations for debugging this problem?


I can give concrete examples, when the interface brakes terribly.
For example, on any page open a dialog box and lock / unlock the screen. At this moment everything hangs and it is impossible to click on any of the buttons


I do have dialogs in my apps and it didn’t cause such issues. As it’s purely related to your code / app, it’s not possible for us to check what exactly is the issue.

You may use the iOS / Android GUI debugging tools or timeline views and try to find when it happens.