Font size of tabview item title on ios


by default font size of tabview item title on ios is too small, how can i change font size? I tried with css i added class on tabview and give font-size:18, size increased but text was no more centered vertically


There is no way to increase font size???


Did you try setting font size in TabView?


I did style the tab Items using the TabView{…}, but I need a larger font-size and I don’t want the text to wrap


done that but the text wraps


same here… text is not centered vertically when increasing font size and i think its bad idea to use fonsize on tabview tag, it icreases font size also in every childs element, we need something that works only for tabview title


You may again set font on any tab view item’s parent layout which will be inherited to all it’s children.


yes, its actually not a problem, i just mentioned it.


I guess the problem is increasing the font size and the text not wrapping down


I had posted a solution for that already with an example.


Can you pls check this out … I am not getting it right in Ns-Vue.


Double check your code, looks are you are missing _tabLayout.


I have checked and it still didn’t work…


is your solution only for android? we are struggling with ios :smiley: on android fontsize is good, anyone can see it, but only on ios font size is too small


I’m working on android at the moment but when I increase font size it wraps down


for the android manojdcoders solution must be working


Not working in my Nativescript-Vue