First call of getPlatformData without providing projectData


I’ve been seeing this for the last couple of days -
Project successfully prepared (android)
Executing after-prepare hook from C:\App\mobile-app\hooks\after-prepare\nativescript-dev-android-snapshot.js
Executing after-prepare hook from C:\App\mobile-app\hooks\after-prepare\nativescript-dev-sass.js
First call of getPlatformData without providing projectData.

So far, I’ve tried th following -

  • Removing/adding nativescript-sass
  • Uninstalling/installing/udating nativescript
  • Reverting project to a point where I know it was working for sure
  • It also complains about “±- UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY nativescript-angular@1.2.0”, so tried installing it, but in turn complainss about “UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY zone.js@^0.6.21”, which didn’t install either
  • Sure that it was a problem with my setup, I reinstaled everything. Then I reset windows and installed everything

Any help appreciated.