Firebase Social Login Prompt



I utilize the social logins for Facebook and Google through Facebook. Recently after updating to the newest version I started receiving an extra prompt when users attempt to login using either of the social platforms. This in itself isn’t a problem, the issue is that it uses the package name instead of the app name like all other permission prompts.

In the screenshots below you can see that the location services prompt correctly uses our app name, but the google auth prompt uses our package name: “”. Does anyone know how to configure that text?



It is simply the package name of your project.

You can find it in package.json


Correct. I know it’s the package name. Is there no way to display the application name like the other prompts do?


@shawn-pavel not sure about that, sorry.

@sean-perkins do you know anything about this?


It could be from this: but is required for Google Auth. I just feel like this may be standard behavior. Usually the last section of your package name is your app’s name. Naming schemas work backwards like a domain name.


I see, thanks for the details there. It’s interesting that the push notification permission from the firebase plugin does not use the package name, but that permission does.