Firebase Phone Verification


How can I implement phone Verification in nativescript app


I’m currently extending nativescript-plugin-firebase with this feature.


@Eddy is it possible for me to only use just this feature without download all those other native libraries


That’s exactly why I’ve added an interactive installer to the plugin, so you can avoid all those additional libraries. So during installation you can answer all questions with ‘N(o)’.


@Eddy yeah…saw that…anyways so how soon are we likely to see this new feature


When it’s done. Later this week.


It’s out!


already looking at it as we speak but I have a few questions though, dose it work like the flow in this and when users receive the code, who will it be from


Why don’t you try it first? And yes it’s similar. The sender on my iPhone is “PhoneCode” or “Phone Code”. My Android 7 device didn’t even receive a message as it’s more tightly integrated and “just works”.


ok, will do and feedback., thanks for this wonderful addition


thanks to Nativescript team