Firebase or Kinvey: Migrating away from Telerik Platform



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I am currently using Telerik Platform as my MbaaS. This product is being retired by Progress on 10 May and I am looking for recommendations regarding migrating to either Firebase or Kinvey.

The app needs to retrieve data objects from the cloud, and the backend needs to integrate with our legacy back office system, ideally via a REST API. We are also using push notifications, file storage and offline functionality is a must. I am using Angular and TypeScript in my NS app. Currently the system does not have a web front end but the roadmap includes one and this would be built using Angular.

Firebase is widely adopted and backed by Google. Kinvey is however part of the Progress family and therefore has strong links with NativeScript.

What are the pros and cons of Firebase vs. Kinvey and which would you suggest I migrate to?

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I am the Developer Advocate for Kinvey, so take that into consideration when you read my response.

Obviously, both can retrieve data object from the cloud. Both have push notifications and file storage. Both offer offline functionality. Kinvey also has a concept of RapidData that make it easy to connect to legacy back office systems to retrieve data. This feature can make it easy to connect to a REST API as well as other systems like MSSQL, SalesForce, SAP and others (see my post here on the topic. Kinvey also has something called Mobile Identity Connect, which simplifies connecting to external authentication systems via oAuth, OpenID and others (I talk a little about this here and a have another post on the topic very soon). In addition, if HIPAA compliance is critical for your business, it is also something Kinvey offers.

Keep in mind that currently RapidData, Mobile Identity Connect and HIPAA compliance are all enterprise-level or business-level features at the moment. We are looking at offering the first two as part of a free tier with limitations, but that may be changing in the near future.

Obviously, we are also continuing to work towards better integration of Kinvey and NativeScript - we want Kinvey to be easiest and best choice (while, of course, allowing users freedom to choose other options if those suit their use case better).

Please feel free to reach out to me at brian.rinaldi[at]progress[dot]com if you have more questions and I am happy to help.

  • Brian