Firebase messaging notifications on background


Hi, I have problem with nativescript firebase notifications plugin.

Is there someone who could help me with background recieving notifications. I recieving notifications only when app is opened.
When I send notification when app is closed, nothing happens. When I open it again a then close. I will get notification.

My repository is here.

I am using Angular + Nativescript (TS)

I am kinda frustrated, cuz I am trying make it works almost two months.

Thank you for any help


Hi @b4rtt
Please read this

There are some changes needed in your app manifest file,
also some changes on iOS side, before you can receive notifications when app is not in foreground :slight_smile:
Hope this helps


I am using iOS. I read documentation again and again. Of course I have in my plist this




Did you try sending the notification from Firebase with High priority?


Yep, I try it before and it still doesn’t work