FilterSelect form component not work with FormBuilder



Hi I want use Nativescript form with formbuilder:
I I have textField or SegmentedBar in form it works ok.
But when I use this filter-select plugin:
It sends empty string, but i have selected item in filter select. How i can connect filter-select with formBuilder.
onSearch method print form value: {“agesC”:""} but i expected form value: {“agesC”:“1”}
My code now is:

<StackLayout class="form" height="100%" [formGroup]="clubsSearchForm">
              modal_title="age" search_param="name"

  <Button class="btn btn-primary btn-active" verticalAlignment="bottom" id="button" text="search" (tap)="onSearch($event)"></Button>


and appropriate class:

export class ClubsSearchFormComponent implements OnInit {
  clubsSearchForm: FormGroup;
  agesC: AbstractControl;
  ages: Array<Object> = [];

  constructor(private fb: FormBuilder, private clubsSrv: ClubsService, private asDataProviderSrv: ASDataProviderService, private routerExtensions: RouterExtensions) {
    this.clubsSearchForm ={
      "agesC": ["", [Validators.required]]

    this.agesC = this.clubsSearchForm.controls['agesC'];

  ngOnInit() {   
          this.ages = [ {"id": 1, "name": "6let"}]    

  onSearch(args: EventData) {
    console.log(`form value: ${JSON.stringify(this.clubsSearchForm.value)}`);


The plugin doesn’t implement support for Angular Forms, it should implement a ControlValueAccessor in order to do that. You are welcome to write one.