Filepicker (Will pick different types of docs from wherever location in storage(internal/external))



I am looking for the Filepicker module/plugin which can able to pick the different types of documents from wherever location in storage(internal/external).
Platforms : IOS & Android


Some issues occurred on mentioned plugin. you can see here,

Thats why i am looking for any other way! Advice?

Please suggest!


Since there is no plugin for file picker which will support all type of files like doc, PDFs, xls, txt, zip,…etc,

As a temporary solution I have done workaround on Nativescript-image picker plugin.

By using this awesome plugin, we can get the path of file(whatever file type) then using wonderful Nativescript-Filesystem,

We can process the picked file further.

Thanks @multishiv19 for your suggestion on this on older time.

Hope this may help someone!