Feedback to Development with NativeScript


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@361996 Please be more specific when you say something doesn’t work. If you have raised any issues in forum that is still unanswered, at least attach those links.

I’m using 6 of the plugins you have listed and 2 alternate plugins which does similar job. Apart from that I still use more plugins like firebase, nfc, google maps, date time picker, sqlite and more because my app’s functionality needs it and still it works like charm.

My project is Angular too, I could find almost every detail I needed. May be the documentation is not pixel perfect, but at least I found it good enough for any developer with Angular background.

Talking of customizations, still it was a piece of cake without struggling much. I couldn’t recommend NativeScript more after all the hurdles I faced in different platforms like Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium and ReactNative especially when it comes to customizing components.


As you ask me to be more specific, some issues we had with those plugins:
nativescript-background-http: we had to use the background-http plugin because apparently the normal angular http client doesn’t support progress events in NativeScript (Http Request: Event not supported: progress). The events you get from this library are weird (getting progress events even when there is no network?), there’s no simple way to get headers from a reply. It also doesn’t allow to customize the timeout (15 seconds on Android, and no timeout on iOS) or to abort uploads
nativescript-barcodescanner: It stops working correctly on Android 8 after the phone goes into a lock screen
nativescript-checkbox: You aren’t able to style the text afaik, so we had to create our own layout to have a styled text near the checkbox
nativescript-fingerprint-auth: Different behavior on Android and iOS, sometimes it throws exceptions in case of no fingerprint available, sometimes it returns “false” values. We also had to exclude google zxing from the compilation because apparently this library is wrapped into the plugin. The app crashes when using this plugin in an iOS testflight build.
nativescript-loading-indicator: Styling this component is completely different for both platforms, and not possible to achieve equivalent customization on both platforms
nativescript-ng-shadow: we really need a plugin just to get a shadow? well… it doesn’t support aot compilation:

We further had many issues regarding the angular-nativescript lifecycle events: While in angular lifecycle events some things like f.e. the foregroundActivity are not defined, using NativeScript lifecycle events, member changes are not propagated to angular (the view isn’t updated) and it’s not possible to do routing.

About customizing components: We had issues with different customizations of the Action Bar (especially with the platform-dependent buttons) and the Switch (trying to overwrite the “active” clor). The angular animations also work differently on both platforms, they’re sometimes not executed on Android.
Achieving that scrolling (keyboard is otherwise hiding view elements) works on both platforms was also a bit of an adventure, having to figure out that we need ScrollViews plus an android manifest change plus a plugin for the iOS keyboard. :slight_smile:


Everyone may have their custom requirement at some point, may be bugs are there but if you really need a solution, you got post each issue separately with neat code snippet or playground examples where it could be reproduced so anyone could help you.

If you just list them like this it’s really hard to track even to read.


You’re right, of course. My purpose in posting here wasn’t to get any specific bug fixed or a specific documentation topic enhanced, for that I would use more appropriate channels.

My aim was to give the general feedback that from our point of view, NativeScript needs a stronger focus on improving the basics (tool-chain, documentation, bundling, fixing known bugs). As we have seen in a recent survey regarding the future of NativeScript, there are many visions to support new frameworks - see the announcement about vue.js, and the development of SideKick- and I have the impression that NativeScript is pushing on too many borders at the same time, while it’s important to achieve a good basis first :slight_smile:


I appreciate you decided to share your feedbacks, but my humble opinion is that you are too early to judge. At least in past few months I have seen many newbies in NativeScript who starts judging it doesn’t work / it’s buggy before they actually understand the basics / how it works / what it is capable of.

I’m into mobile apps development for 5+ years and using NativeScript for around 2 years now. There may be bugs, there may be improvements required here, anyways no software product is perfect at any given point of time there will be always scope of improvements and bug fixes. But if I have to pick the best tool for cross platform development, it should be NativeScript - A clean framework, adopted Angular in a really nice way and never stops me from doing something when it’s possible in the native platform. Their visions are cool and I never seen them lagging on their release plans so far and more importantly the team is really community friendly.

It’s just my feedback, keep up the good work {N} team.



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