Feature request: syntax checker in xml/html files


I just ran into this issue today - I created a new app in sidekick using angular TS drawer template. Was playing with a few files for a while then it sort of broke (screenshot below), no errors or warnings of any sort anywhere.

I spent some time trying to figure the issue out, then decided to create another app from the same template.

After running a diff on both folders, I found that the issue simply was a repeated </Label> closing tag in /app/home/home.component.html on line 12

 <Label class="action-bar-title" text="Home"></Label></Label>

I realize that this is kind of dumb on my part not to see this right away, but is it possible to provide some sort of validation for things like this?

I just updated my stack today to:

Sidekick Version: 1.6.0-v.2018.3.7.2 (latest)
NativeScript CLI version: 3.4.3
CLI extension nativescript-cloud version: 1.3.1
CLI extension nativescript-starter-kits version: 0.3.4
Visual Studio Code Version 1.21.0


You may use your favorite editor and XML validator plugins for the editor to sort these kind of problems. Still I must agree this could be a valid feedback, but Github should be the right place to suggest this.


If you have the XML tag auto closing extension. Better get rid of that.
I have run into similar situations when I had that extension installed.