Extend application with third party code


I need to extend my application with a third party SDK application. i.e. in native this would be

import com.example.ThirdPartyApplication
public class MyApplication extends ThirdPartyApplication {

I have looked at https://docs.nativescript.org/runtimes/android/advanced-topics/extend-application-activity but it does not seem to cover this use case?


How does it not cover that case, have you made any attempts at extending it?

So long as ThirdPartyApplication actually extends android.app.Application it should be alright.


Pete, thanks for replying. So do you mean I should do

var Application = com.example.ThirdPartyApplication.extend(“org.myApp.Application”, {}); etc.

instead of

var Application = android.app.Application.extend(“org.myApp.Application”, {}); etc.



here’s some gibberish as an excuse for the short post.


Thanks very much. Think I was guilty of overthinking, or possibly underthinking, this. It works fine.