Exoplayer not working


i have a video player and i am trying to play a video which is coming from server.
when i played the same video in browser it is working
but not in the app
platform: android it is working perfect
ios is the probelm
plugin : i tried with both videoplayer and exoplayer

example url: http://millasays-apollo-dev.azurewebsites.net/api/v1/files/OGAFFuNsCnVkZPNbyedDopGAbfH4WU9HuSP7U3FguJFd6IUd63pmdXlj99ojmSVs.mp4


Do you receive playbackReady event? If not try debugging the player status, I guess it will be hitting this line


And also this problem exists only for the videos which i saved in the server.
rest sample videos all are working fine


i debugged and found out that for the videos ,which is working

it hits in this.

but the one which is not working is not getting hit here