Error on build iOS ([runtime executeModule:@"./"];)


Hi Everyone,

Thanks in Advance.

I’ve been struggling to solve this issue I getting an error

“Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0xdeaddead)”

On : [runtime executeModule:@"./"];

When I try to run it, its ok but when I build the “IPA” thats when it crash.

Thank you so much have a great day.



Do you use --bundle option (webpack) while releasing IPA? Did you find any warning or errors during build?


Thank you so much for this reply.

I did not use --bundle option while releasing IPA.

Got a lot of warning but no errors.

Will try to bundle webpack.

Thanks again and appreciate the reply,


Still the same error. After I did use --bundle option.


Saw the issue now its on FontAwesome.

Failed to create file at path ‘/var/containers/Bundle/Application/6200B639-1F7F-4E56-96C6-032E4846C92E/’

Checking now how to solve this issue…