Error is: Could not start service



After having upgrade to iOS 11.0.2 and MacOS High Sierra (and thus Xcode 9.0), i get this error when attempting to run a fresh project (basic tns create myprojetct) on my iPhone 6S, but it works like a charm in the emulator.
Error message : Error is: Could not start service
I’m up-to-date : 3.2.1 and since I recreate new project w/ the default template, we can’t blame platform, node_modules.
I ran tns doctor twice (re-installing everything). I checked ruby (brew), it’s fine as well.

This error message leads to this old issue : but as I said starting from a fresh project does not work, so the suggested fix does not apply.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @angus, please look through this issue and check if the provided solution works for you.


Hi @plamen5kov

Indeed it works by disabling WIFI. Thank you very much.

I think it should be documented, don’t you think?



@angus you’re absolutely right, we’ll make it happen.


Hi Angus. How did you manage to setup TNS on mac os high sierra without any issues? Did you just follow the

Mine doesn’t seem to recognise xcode when running tns doctor.