Error: exportArchive: "MYAPP" requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature



All day i’n fighting with this …
When trying to run app in ios to have livesync, im getting this error with provisional profile.

I’ve delated all provisional profiles from mac, done setup on apple dev again, and as result, when doing manual signing: build.xconfig:

CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY =iPhone Developer;

As result i’m having this error.

But: manual signing works perfectly, when i open app in Xcode, Xcode is building everything fine. Is this CLI issue ? Anybody knows what is going on here ?1


Well, i’m very confused.
All day lost, but at end i see that :slight_smile:

tns tun ios --provision 3ZZZZZZ-ZZZZZZ-4af8-bd2e-8da29f44ad3e

has lnstalled my app on connected device and i see app working on device …

Oh man…

One thing that i need to figure out is:
this commands seems to not do Livescync but is rebuilding app on every change… So, one problem solved, but now another…


it seems tns tun ios --provision will watch for changes, but many console infos appear…
so i’ve added --justlaunch - but this seems not do livescync…