Error at tns run android extract:tns-android: verb lock using


I created an application using command

tns create HelloWorld --template nativescript-template-tutorial

The next step suggested in is to run the app using

tns run android

When done, it contiuosly prints following in my console,

Installing tns-android[ …] - extract:tns-android: verb lock using C:\Users\monu\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_locks\staging-ec0e4e06dfdc2677.lock for C:\mayur\work\trails\Test1\node_modules.sta

What could be wrong? Please advice.


Try this:

npm cache clean
npm uninstall -g nativescript
npm install -g nativescript


it works …and tns run android works…but after running it for couple of
times, the issue re-appears ?
will this cleaning and uninstalling/installing will be frequent step , if I
choose to go ahead with NativeScript



I am a student learning NativeScript.
This issue shouldn’t re-appear.
Run this command:

tns doctor

Make sure you have all your dependencies on day.


My brief romance with nativescript is about to end since I could neither get the Playground app to work (Connection errors) nor get past this error. Install/Reinstall, no matter what the flurry of “verb lock using” doesnt end.