env.sourceMap configuration evaluates to true even when no flag is present


I had difficulties getting my source map configuration right and it turned out it was because the value for env.sourceMap evaluates to true even when I run with no flags, that is, “tns run android”.

I was under the impression that the value should not be true by default, based on the form of the following ternary in webpack.configs.js:
devtool: hiddenSourceMap ? "hidden-source-map" : (sourceMap ? "source-map" : "eval-source-map"),

As you can see, I wanted to configure the app to use “source-map” when the flag is present and use “eval-source-map” by default. At the moment I’m using “–env.sourceMap=false” with the run command as a workaround.

I’m wondering whether there is another config file or some other reason for why this happens.

NativeScript CLI version 6.0.1
nativescript-dev-webpack version 1.0.3

Also, if I remember correctly, the above configuration worked as expected before I upgraded the CLI version from 5 to 6.