Emulator cannot find ADB location AND Cloud Id Needed



I started studing Nativescript with angular few weeks ago on my own computer. I went through this tutorial https://docs.nativescript.org/start/ns-setup-win to install everything needed for Android platform.

At the end of the installation when I tested if everything was ok using tns doctor, I was told:
-My Computer was not able to make local buildings and need to try cloud buildings.

Then, I selected cloud buildings when I ran my first app, I had to sign up for an account.
So, I had to use: tns cloud run android command

When I thought everything was ok, suddenly on my emulator appeared a message:
“The emulator could not find the adb location”
After a while, another message on cmd:
“Could not save the project to emulator. Reason: pleaseinforme your cloud id”

AND AT THIS POINT the emulator does not receive anything and on cmd the process of building the app stops.

Well, that’s it!
This is the problem I have and hope someone helps me!

My CLI version: 4.1.2
Platfom: Android (On windows 8 pro, 64 bits);


Have you installed Android SDK, update environment variables to keep adb accessible?


Android SDK - Yes
Update Enviroment variables - Need I to it manually? If so, how to do that?


I don’t use Windows personally, so you may double check whether it exists already. Hitting adb in your command line should work, if it doesn’t then the path may be missing and you have to add it manually. Just Google or refer the docs to know how to set them.


Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks