🎁 Earn NativeScript Forum Rewards 🎁


To thank those of you who put your time and energy into answering questions on the forum, we are kicking off the NativeScript Forum Rewards program!

You may read the announcement blog post, but the tl;dr; is:

  • Did someone answer your question? Give them a :heartpulse: on their post.
  • The top three (3) :heartpulse:-receivers every month will get a gift card in the amount of $150 (1st), $100 (2nd), $50 (3rd)
  • The top three (3) :heartpulse:-receivers every quarter will get premium {N} swag!

We will post the winners in this thread every month. You can follow along by looking at the monthly and quarterly leaderboards*.

* Discourse always shows the last month/quarter from today’s date, not the last calendar month/quarter


Congratulations to @multishiv19, @sean-perkins, and @Eddy for being the top three contributors to the forum in the month of November! Their prizes have been delivered. :tada:

Data resets now, so anybody can win in December! :trophy:


Cool, is this offer still valid?


yes, it is still valid. @designer24


Congrats to @multishiv19, @ganas, and @manojdcoder for taking the top 3 spots in the December forum for receiving the most :heart:!

Our data reset on January 1st, so once again our prizes are up for grabs!


Congratulations to @manojdcoder, @multishiv19, and @Eddy as the top 3 :heart: receivers in January.

Reminder that the data resets today, so it’s an even playing field again!


There is no reward for noobs like me? :grin:
I want nativescript shirt


Congratulations on our back-to-back :heart: receivers in February, @manojdcoder, @multishiv19, and @Eddy for claiming the top three spots.

Someone else has to get in on this! Can’t let these guys get all the credit :slight_smile:


Congrats to @manojdcoder, @multishiv19, and @Eddy for grabbing the March prizes :gift:

Make it you in April! Don’t let these guys keep all the :moneybag: for themselves!


It’s a three-peat with @manojdcoder, @multishiv19, and @Eddy getting the April prizes.

Someone needs to come in and un-seat these guys, seriously!