Dynamic Info on Modal View


I’m using a modal with several <Label [text]=“textFromVariable”>

Problem is: Text won’t show until I click / tap on some of the elements I’m displaying. ngOnInit / ngAfterViewInit won’t trigger neither.

It seems the modal won’t get initialized until I tap something…

Code is something like:

        class="modal-bg full-height p-15 modal-filters"
                class="label-select full-width"
                text="{{ 'modal:filter:category' | L }}"
                class="label-select full-width"
                text="{{ 'modal:filter:subcategory' | L }}"

If I do something like this, it will work, but I need the translated text:

<Label (tap)="showPicker('categories')" class="label-select full-width" text="Some text"></Label>

Methods won’t work either, until I tap on something. It looks nothing gets initialized until I the tap is performed on some element.

You can check it here: