Dragging up a ListView


Greetings community, do you know if there is some way to achieve this with nativescript? Once I arrive at the end of the listView and I want to see more info dragging up the list. I want to show to a user some message when it happens like Slack does See the Slack’s example.

Actually I’m trying to achieve it listening to TouchGestureEventData and capturing the Y axe but I need to know how long the listView is on terms of Y axe. But I don’t know if there is an easier way. What do you think?


Have you taken a look at NativeScript UI’s ListView controls? Alternately, I wonder if there’s a plugin to be built here…


Hello Miss Jen, I’ve seen these resources:

  1. ListView
  2. Class ListView

But I haven’t found some useful resource yet. Where can I find those NativeScript UI’s ListView controls?

Thanks in advance.



I just learned about these today! Can you access them and see if they have helpful code?



I’ve found a way to do this using contentInset property it does what I was looking for. Thanks