Doesn't page element give styling?


I’m trying to set padding for page element. but the padding doesn’t effect on result. is there a way to set padding to page?

this is my template:

<Page xmlns="">
  <DockLayout *ngIf="!loading" stretchLastChild="true">
    <FlexboxLayout flexDirection="column" width="100%" height="100%" *ngIf="!loading">
      <Image src='~/assets/main.png' width="100%"></Image>
      <Button class="btn vy-btn" id="button" text="Sign Up" [nsRouterLink]="['/signup']"></Button>
      <Button class="btn vy-btn" id="button" text="I already have an account" [nsRouterLink]="['/signin']"></Button>
  <DockLayout *ngIf="loading" stretchLastChild="true">
    <app-loading [status]="loading"></app-loading>

this is my css code in app.css:

    padding: 50;


As you could see in the api references, Page doesn’t support padding. You may add padding to your layouts.