Distance between two locations


Hello team,
I´m using nativescript with angular and typescript

How do I find the distance between two locations in meters?

My method:
public getDistance() {
let endLocation: Location = new Location();
endLocation.longitude = -75.7529147937894;
endLocation.latitude = 10.79036668315049;
this.distance = distance(this.location, endLocation);

    this.distanceResult = (this.distance *0.001).toFixed(3);

    console.log("distance -> " + this.distanceResult);

the result is : distance -> 8460.591

What does metric is this result?

thanks for yours contributions.


If you find the difference in the longitudes and the difference in the latitudes, cant you convert the given values to meters?


I don´t know.

only I need convert the result of distance method to meters or kilometers.