Discourse Forum Client for NS (and other communities)


Hey fellow community members!

After not finding a suitable desktop client for discourse forums, I created one: https://github.com/sean-perkins/discourse-forum-client. I felt it would be beneficial to share with the community a convenient way to store your sites in a convenient fashion to quickly access them. I know this is a reason I love using Slack.

You can either download it direct from the README or package it yourself if you are concerned about security.

Now go win all those prizes for forum activity :slight_smile:




Anything I say will be an understatement of the good work that you do!

Keep it up!


Typing this reply using the client <3
Love it. Thank you so much. Wish I could do a double like or somethin.


@sean-perkins Is it possible to allow right click in the forum client?


Absolutely, want to open an issue on the GitHub project with just a brief reasoning around what you are needing from the right click context menu? I know by default, if I enable whats available on dev mode, you are only going to get inspect element options to the electron shell.

If you are need right click options on the frame source, I can investigate that further.


My intension was to use things like copy image url.
Also right now, all links just open inside the client.
Would be awesome if we can make all links open externally.

Let me open an issue. :slight_smile: