Dialogs Styling Issue


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am using dialogs in my app, and I have encountered styling issues with them. The first time the dialog shows, the style looks fine (looks like a native dialog). However, if I re-navigate to the same page, the dialog uses a CSS style from the current page, or the previous one - that is, it reads the Button{} and Label{} CSS properties and modifies the dialog.

Unfortunately, I cannot just modify the CSS style to make it look native again, firstly because I am using these styles for my page, and secondly because the dialog font is different for each element (title is bold, message is smaller and not bold, etc.). Is there a way to make the dialogs always look native?

Thanks for the help!
Nat :smiley:

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Don’t use wild card CSS selectors, name your parent layout with a class and wrap your Button, Label etc., CSS inside.