Dialog does not show buttons


Whenever I use the Dialog from ui/dialog the buttons does not show.

Here’s the code:

title: “Your title”,
message: “Your message”,
okButtonText: “Your button text”,
cancelButtonText: “Cancel text”,
neutralButtonText: “Neutral text”
}).then(result => {
// result argument is boolean
alert("Dialog result: " + result);

And the result:



Strange. Looks right to me. I use a confirm and get two buttons, but I don’t use the neutral button.


Been on this for 2 days now and I couldn’t resolve it. Even the common alert does not display a button.


That’s totally strange, did you try to reproduce the behaviour with Playground?

May I know which version of NativeScript runtime and flavour you are using?


Been a while since I get back to this issue, I assume I’m using the latest version of nativescript. I still can’t figure out why the dialog does not shows the buttons.