Detecting outgoing phone call



I’m new to Nativescript but things is getting clearer gradually as I have already Javascript experience under the hood.
I have a requirement where the app has to log the outgoing phone call in Nativescript, this certainly involves calling native API.
The user might use the running app to dial a number.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think there is a ready made plugin available, you might want to write one using CallKit (iOS) / PhoneState BroadCastReceiver (Android).


I think this plugin nativescript-phone will cater the requirement pretty well


Sorry by the way you wanted to detect outgoing phone call or you just wanted to make a phone call from app?
If you wanted to just make a phone call, that plugin will greatly help.


You shold probably use nativescript-phone plugin, that @fellahtech mentioned
with it it is possible to dial number from your ns app.