* @deprecated use 'ui/core/view-base or ui/core/view' as base class., undefined


I am having trouble with the map plugin so I decided to strip everything in the xml file piece by piece till I get the page working without error and then add the code back little by little to determine the issue.

I removed the map piece and the autocomplete piece leaving pretty much just a listview.

When the page fires I get this on a white screen at the top and nothing else:

  • @deprecated use ‘ui/core/view-base or ui/core/view’ as base class., undefined

I don’t get anything in logcat to help determine what is going on here.

I deleted all my css to see if it was related to that and nothing.

Any ideas on what could cause this error?


I think its related to the plugin being on the V2.x api and you running NSI V3… ? Did you update recently or are you on the v3 CLI?


Yes, I am attempting to upgrade my app to NS 3.0

So it sounds like I need to do investigative work and figure out which plugin is causing this. That sound about right?


Yup, and PR that plugin OR downgrade to 2.5


New v3 codebase is wayyy more efficient and we need to get every plugin with issues updated asap :slight_smile: