Define working name for app



Anyone know how I can ensure that the project that is built is the name of what normally is the directory name?

For example, I like to create my project inside of a ~/projects/myapp/nativescript directory, because I will also have a ~/projects/myapp/firebase directory where I keep the firebase functions and rules, so I can commit everything together to git.

The “problem” is that now the build is named nativescript, for example it creates a platforms/ios/nativescript directory instead of platforms/ios/myapp and also Xcode thinks my app is named nativescript. Of course I set the CFBundleDisplayName and CFBundleName in the Info.plist and edited the strings.xml for Android to change the name that the users see so it is not a biggie, but still would prefer to also have Xcode see myapp instead of nativescript.



The CLI uses just the folder name. I agree with you, my preference is also use my project name but so far I didn’t find any option and it was never a blocker.