Deep Links issues in Android and iOS


When we try to navigate from applicationContinueUserActivityRestorationHandler callback and application.AndroidApplication.activityCreatedEvent to the respective view using routerExtensions.navigate(). In this case the ngOnInit method is not getting called when the page is loaded. It is getting called when i press back button on navigation And if we look at the logs => {
console.log("Router Event Triggered : " + event);

It seems to be messed up after the routerExtensions.navigate() is called in the callbacks. It seems to be incrementing the id attribute NavigationEnd(id: 11,…) from there and never comes below it on back or reaching the launch page.

And in android when i explicitly say args.activity.finish(); then also the router states seems to be messed up.

Can anyone suggest how can we handle Deep links on both the platforms and allow user to navigate to the respective view on clicking deep links ?