Debugger white screen


Just starting out. Installed sidekick on OSX 10.13.2. Created a quick JS app using tabs template. To actually launch the app I have to open the project in xcode, hit play to launch the emulator. Once emulator is up the device shows up and I can start the app from within sidekick as the emulator now shows up as a device. (maybe that is all normal)

The Question: When I try to launch the debugger I just get a white window with the title of the app and the emulator name. Nothing more. App runs ok in emulator. I don’t see any errors in the sidekick windows. The gear icon for the device in sidekick shows a busy animation. That is all.

Any ideas?


There is no need to open xcode just to launch the simulator.
{N} will automagically launch the simulator when you run tns run ios if no device is connected and no simulator is open.
Same goes for tns debug ios


Thanks for that. Those all work correctly from command line. From Sidekick I am unable to get it to work like that.