Debugger does not stop on breakpoint



Installed Visual Studio-code with Nativescript on Windows 10.
When setting a breakpoint and running the debugger, it doesn’t stop. The installation trace in the output window is shown below.
If the program contains an error, the debugger gives a warning and the output windows shows a stack trace.

Output trace:

[NativeScriptCli] execute: tns --analyticsClient VSCode --version
Version: 0.8.1
Build version: v.2018.9.4.1
Commit id: 315503a4fd9de8c936b0445732596fa94b987ec8
NativeScript CLI: 4.2.3
[NativeScriptCli] execute: tns --analyticsClient VSCode --version
[NSDebugAdapter] Using tns CLI v4.2.3 on path ‘tns’
[NSDebugAdapter] Running tns command…
[NativeScriptCli] execute: tns --analyticsClient VSCode debug android --watch
[NSDebugAdapter] Watching the tns CLI output to receive a connection token
Searching for devices…
Preparing project…
Project successfully prepared (Android)
Successfully transferred home-page.js.
Using D:\NativeScript\mappi\platforms\android\app\build\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk
device: ZL5225ZJ9R debug port: 40000

NativeScript Debugger started

To start debugging, open the following URL in Chrome:


If you see this, your debugger is connected to Chrome not VS Code. Are you trying to debug the app from command line?


No, I use the debug menu of Visual Studio. I tried both the triangle icon and the start debug item in the debug submenu. When running, i can stop debugging with the red square icon. The other debugging icons are grey.

I also opened chrome at the address specified, but I don’t see something happening.


Issue is solved. In Visual Studio Code File/Preferences/Extensions: load Debugger for Chrome