Debug from VS Code Android Device breakpoint request timed out


Trying to evaluate NativeScript development environment on macOS using VS Code with the latest tooling as of July 21, 2017. I was able to set and catch a breakpoint from the VS Code launch on iOS device and simulator, also for Android emulator, but not on the android device I have connected.

When I ran the debugger with “Launch on Android” the app started, and the debugger connected but alas, I received the ERROR, “Error: Set breakpoints request timed out” This only happens on Android device debugging. I tried several things and finally got it to work by setting the tnsArgs in the launch.json under a new configuration:

  "tnsArgs": "--debug-brk"

So that basically sets a break early in the app execution, then I just waited a bit and resumed the program and my breakpoint was hit as expected.

Is there a better way to handle this issue? Is it related to the speed of startup, device capabilities, or other factor? I am testing on an old KitKat Android phone with 512mb of memory so this may be too slow to startup?