Date format in nativescript-core


Hi All,
Is it possible to display superscript(for date formats) in nativescript, I used but it is not rendering in the view.
Example: August 25th(ths should look as superscript text)


Hi @sagar1911
you can achieve this using Formatted String

Wrap the part you want to superscript/subscript in it’s own Span element.
Add a css class to it, for superscript, you can change the translateY to a positive number, and for subscript, you can change the translateY to a negative number.

Feel free to reply to this thread if something is not clear to you.


Thanks @multishiv19 , for the response.
I will check this and get back here if I face any trouble.


Hi, these links do not work, 404 Error


Yes the docs have been redesigned, some links are broken now