Dataform setting custom editor group property from code behind


Hey guys, so I’m trying to create a form with a number of custom editors and need to have the ability to set the groups a bit more dynamically than just organizing the markup much like how the metadata is used.
I’m currently setting the source in the onFormLoaded event with the metadata set in markup which works great for the standard editors just not custom ones. Setting a basic property in the metadata will add the field to the form in the right spot but the custom editor with the same name doesnt override the standard editor.
It seems you can edit index, name whatever from code behind except for group is this a limitation of the dataform at the moment or am i missing something?
I either need to be able to set the group from the FormLoaded event, replace the editor set from metadata with the custom one of the same name or set the metadata editor property to “custom” or something.
But im not sure what to do or what is better. Any help or directions would help thanks!