Dataform runtime changes in Vue-NativeScript



I am able to trigger a propertyCommitted event, when I change some field in the UI. Now I am writing a method called propertyCommitted: function(){ …some method…}, However, I am not getting how to access and manipulate properties of those UI elements. Example: I have three fields, city, street and streetNumber. Now I have kept city visible, while street and streetNumber are not visible initially. Now, I want those fields to appear only when I select a particular city or cities. So in the method, I want to check what the city is after a change is done, and also I want to set street and streetNumber, hidden property as false and then make them visible. For this I need their respective objects, which is where I am having trouble with. How do I access these elements in javascript code. Any help is appreciated. I am able to do this in NativeScript Core, I need help with NativeScript-Vue platform.


you can do something like this

export function dfPropertyCommitted(args) {
let property = args.entityProperty;
if(args.propertyName == ‘city’){
//you can unhide other entities using dataform.entities