DataForm predefined list components not working



RadDataForm provides 3 editors for working with predefined lists.

  1. List does not seem to allow any taps to control.
  2. Picker allows one to see elements but there is no way to close / select / exit out of the picker. Once the picker opens, it occupies the screen and there is no way on iOS (no back button) to come out of the picker.

Here is a NativeScript playground to illustrate this:


According to the docs, what are you seeing is the correct behavior for editor of type List

It is not a collapsible list.

I made a playground app to show you how to use it :slight_smile:


Unfortunately on an iOS device, List editor remains un-tappable in the playground.

Any ideas on how to make List editor work on iOS?
Or any tips / suggestions on making Picker editor work properly on iOS? As mentioned in the original post, there is no mechanism on iOS to come out of the picker.


I believe you need to tap on the picker element in your form again to close the list, so

  1. tap on the picker to open the list (you should see the list on the bottom of the screen and the picker editor of the dataform on the top)
  2. select one item in the list
  3. tap on the picker editor of your form on the top of the screen to hide the list